Octo-RO 201

49.0 - 51.0 % solids, low molecular weight polyacrylic acid designed for scale control of calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate.

octo-ro products

Specialty polymers designed to control the formation of scale, disperse particulates, and modify crystalline structure in Reverse Osmosis membrane applications. Find the right polymer for your application by viewing our Tiarco Octo-RO brochure in the link below for your convenience.


47.0 - 53.0% solids, highly effective polymaleic acid as an inhibitor/crystal modifier for calcium carbonate.

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Octo-RO 301

42.0 - 45.0% solids, sulfonated acrylic terpolymer providing excellent phosphate scale inhibition. It's unique chemical composition offers performance under stressed cooling water conditions. 

Octo-ro 101

40.0 - 42.0% solids, low molecular weight functionalized maleic copolymer. Effective  to help prevent precipitation of mineral scale.