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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that the presence of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in a particular format does not imply regulatory status. Product regulatory information is available in section 15 of the SDS. If section 15 does not list the registration status you're seeking, we can provide further information. Please contact our Sales Department for purchasing details and most recent SDS.

Octolite 809

2,2'‑Methylenebis (4‑methyl‑6‑tert‑butylphenol), 50 % dispersion

Octolite 806

Synergistic blend of sterically hindered phenol and thioester (DLTDP).

Octolite WL

​Butylated reaction product of para cresol and dicyclopentadiene. 50% dispersion, polymeric hindered phenol antioxidant.

Octolite Products

This product line offers a complete series of antioxidant emulsions and dispersions.

Octolite 424-50

Polymeric hindered phenol/synergist (DTDTDP thioester). 50% emulsion, blend 50:50.

Octolite AO-50

Polymeric hindered phenol/synergist (DTDTDP thioester). 50% emulsion, economical blend.

Octolite 497

51.0% Butylated Hydroxytoluene, aqueous dispersion.