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OCTOlube 753

Additive designed to formulate transmission and drive train oils (TDTO).

OCTOlube 9959

Intended to formulate engine oils designed to meet the latest requirements of passenger car gasoline engines such as API SN and
​ACEA A3/B3B4 specifications.

OCTOlube 443A

A multi-purpose low ash additive package that enables the formulation of automatic transmission fluids (ATF).

OCTOlube 335 HF

Zinc based anti-wear, corrosion inhibitor, and antioxidant for production of hydraulic fluids. Especially designed to formulate based on mineral oils and PAO / ester blends.

OCTOlube 329 EP

Multifunctional economically effective automotive and industrial gear oil additive package based on the latest technology.

OCTOlube 8100

Designed to formulate high performance diesel engine oils at a very competitive treat rate, in a wide variety of base stocks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that the presence of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in a particular format does not imply regulatory status. Product regulatory information is available in section 15 of the SDS. If section 15 does not list the registration status you're seeking, we can provide further information. Please contact our Sales Department for purchasing details and most recent SDS.

OCTOlube 6640L


Active extreme pressure additive consisting of sulfurized olefin. Light color, mild odor, and high sulfur content

OCTOlube A35

A 35 SSI shear stable non-dispersant olefin copolymer visocisty modifier

OCTOlube A25

A 25 SSI shear stable non-dispersant olefin copolymer visocisty modifier

OCTOlube 229 EP

An extreme pressure, antioxidant, lubricant additive used in various lubricating oil and grease applications

octolube products

Specialty additives and additive packages for the industrial and automotive lubricants industries

OCTOlube 1846

Designed to formulate ashless hydraulic fluids and compressor fluids based on mineral oils as well as PAO/ester based oils.

OCTOlube 6779

A 400 TBN overbased calcium sulfonate detergency and rust-inhibitor. Normal dosages range from 0.5 to 5.0% wt. in finished lubricant.

OCTOlube 6540L

OCTOlube 333M

A next generation high performance engine oil additive package to provide excellent and reliable performance at very economical treat rates

OCTOlube 305 HF

Additive package designed to formulate zinc containing hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils as well as synthetic base stocks.

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OCTOlube 1000P

Pour point depressant and flow-improver containing ashless PMA (polymethylacrylate) polymers dissolved in base oils. Designed to be used in a wide range of formulations.