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octosperse 891

Sodium polyacrylate, ~5000 MW, 43% solids

octosperse 871

Sodium polyacrylate, ~3000 MW, 43% solids

octosperse 874

Ammonium polyacrylate, 40% solids

octosperse 876

Sodium Polyacrylate, 50% solids

octosperse pma

Sodium Polymethacrylate, ~15,000 MW, 30% solids

octosperse a-51

Low molecular weight polyacrylic acid, 50% solids

octosperse CSo

AA / AMPS Copolymer, 46% solids

octosperse SP

Sodium polyacrylate, 45% solids

octosperse ASA

AA / AMPS Copolymer, 43% solids

octosperse A-50

Low molecular weight polyacrylic acid, 50% solids

Octosperse products

Additives for Industrial Water Treatment. This Product line offers many deposit control polymers to help against all encountered scale deposits. Find the right polymer for your application by viewing our Tiarco Water Treatment brochure in the link below for your convenience.

octosperse 778

High activity polyacrylic acid, 55% solids, partially neutralized.

octosperse 875

Sodium polyacrylate, ~3000 MW, 44% solids

Tiarco can also custom make polymers to fit your application. Please contact us for your specific needs.

octosperse trp-1

Terpolymer, ~4000 MW, 45% solids

octosperse ads

AA / AMPS Copolymer, ~5000 MW, 42% solids

octosperse ads

AA / AMPS Copolymer, ~5000 MW, 42% solids

octosperse 839

Functionalized Acrylic Polymer, 43% solids

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that the presence of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in a particular format does not imply regulatory status. Product regulatory information is available in section 15 of the SDS. If section 15 does not list the registration status you're seeking, we can provide further information. Please contact our Sales Department for purchasing details and most recent SDS.

octosperse 151

Functionalized Maleic Copolymer, 41% solids

octosperse 162

Polymaleic Acid, 50% solids

octosperse 271

Polyacrylic Acid, 50% solids

octosperse 913

Terpolymer, ~3500 MW, 42% solids